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Experimenting….. January 31, 2012

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Hi again…  It seems every cafe & restaurant I go to these days is peddling these little gems so I thought Id give them a go. 

I have to admit, I was quite apprehensive at first.  I had heard that there were specific techniques that needed to be used, and I was certain that the outcome of my experiment might turn out a little deflated or tad burnt, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and super impressed with myself!

And as a former lover of all things sweet and sugary BD (Before Diabetes…!), I must say, after a teensie weensie taste I totally get what all the fuss is about!

If you’ve never had a macaroon, get on the band wagon people… The meringue like biscuits have a slightly crunchy outer layer, which when you bite through gives way to a chewy centre.  That, coupled with a filling of smooth, glossy chocolate ganache sandwhiched with ANOTHER biscuit on the other side makes these delectable morsels a naughtly little treat to be enjoyed WHENEVER YOU FEEL LIKE IT!!!

I have to say, mine could do with a little refinement to get them cafe quality in the looks department, but they taste just as good as one bought in a cafe or store.

History of the Macaroon

Early macaroon recipes were the almond meringue variety, very similar to Italian Amaretti with a crisp crust and a softer interior. 

The name Macaroon is derived from the Italian word meaning paste, maccarone.  While is is still somewhat of a mystery as to where macaroons originated, experts claim that the Macaroon can be traced back to an Italian monastery.  These Italian monks then travelled to France in 1533 accompanied by the chef of Catherine de Medicis in 1533 at the time of her marriage to the Duc d’Orleans who later became the King of France in 1547 as Henry II.

Did you know that recipes for macaroons have been found in recipe books at least as early as 1725??

Popular in France and Europe for centuries, the macaroon is now growing in popularity in other parts of the globe and thank goodness for that!  Mmmmmmmacaroons!!




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